German SKY receiver HUMAX for cable

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German SKY receiver HUMAX for cable

Postby JeanLuc » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:35 pm


from SKY Germany I've got a HUMAX S HD3 with a 320GB HD for my DVB-C cable TV connection.
:?: Is it possible to use COPY+ for an upgrade of this HD as well?
:?: And will COPY+ support an upgrade to a 2GB HD or do I have to use a 1GB HD instead?
Thank you very much for your Response!

Have fun - Jean-Luc
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Re: German SKY receiver HUMAX for cable

Postby pcbbc » Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:55 am

Copy+ is very much a legacy product these days for use on the Original Sky+ (SD) boxes. It will not work on the new Darwin platform used for the HD boxes.
For HD please Google for an use ExPVR. Please note this is not our product, so we can not offer any help and advice on it.
As we are based in the UK we have no experience of the German cable boxes, or what size upgrades they support. The only option is to seek support from people in your own country who may have tried it. They will be far more knowledgeable than ourselves in this area.
Sorry we can not be of any more help. :(
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