Copy+ doesn't see my hard drives ?

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Copy+ doesn't see my hard drives ?

Postby sevvy » Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:40 pm

hi all - this is my first post , so please help if you can.

i have a Pace Sky HD box ( tds850nb) and have replaced the old hard drive with a new Western Digital WD10EAVS 1 TB drive

I cant seem to see why i need to use Copy+ as i dont need anything that was on the old drive ?

I downloaded Copy+ anyway as all forums say i should, and connected the old drive to my laptop via USB caddy and Copy+ doesnt see it , even though it shows up in computer management . It works fine in the HD box by the way , but capacity was just too small.

I installed the new 1TB drive into the Sky HD box , and held down the 'backup' button while restarting and everything went ok -

I then did a 'system restore' afterwards and it is now working fine .

My question is , does the Sky HD box format the drive itself so that all the 1TB can be recognized as there is no way of telling via Sky HD menu's, and Copy + doesnt recognize anything

Out of interest , I have taken the 1TB driveout of Sky box again and connected it to the Laptop via USB caddy and Copy+ doesn't see this new working drive either ?
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Re: Copy+ doesn't see my hard drives ?

Postby pcbbc » Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:44 pm

We no longer support HD boxes since the move the the Darwin EPG.
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