Copy+ cannot see drives

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Copy+ cannot see drives

Postby billpall » Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:29 pm


I would be most grateful for help.

A few months ago I removed the 350GB disk from my Pace Sky box, brought the lead outside the box and connected it to an unused 1TB Western digital (Green) drive. It is now 60% full and over the past few days has started to make a noise. I disconnected it from the lead and connected the 350GB disk to the lead.

I want to copy programs from the 1TB disk to an internal PC drive and probably onto another External drive.

I have used Copy+ to format a disk in the past. I cannot remember if I formatted the 1TB with Copy+ before using it to record programs.
Is there a method of finding if it was formatted with copy+?

Copy+ Problem on my PC
Every time I launch Copy+ it tells me I am using version and asks me if I want to upgrade. Version was already downloaded and installed.
I did once get a message in a Microsoft dialog box that a file was missing. I uninstalled Copy+ downloaded it, upgraded to version and restarted Windows 7 PC. It still asks if I want to upgrade.

The 1TB disk is recognised by Disk Management.
Windows Explorer shows its many folders and their contents.

Copy+ does not recognise it. Nor does it recognise other drives on my computer.

In Copy+, when selecting source or Destination drive and using option "XTV backup image file", the external Hard Drive containing the sky programs folders are displayed.
Selecting all folders cause a message to be displayed - "No items to match your search."

copy+ log has a few entries stating "This is not a USB device"

as mentioned above, is there a method of finding if a hard drive was formatted with copy+?

is it possible to format a new drive with Copy+ and use Windows Explorer to copy files to it; then using Copy+ to further process the program files?

do I have any other useful options?

Thank you very much.

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