New DRX890-C 1TB Copy to

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New DRX890-C 1TB Copy to

Postby addinuff » Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:56 pm

Hi guys,

I'm planning to move all my recordings from my old Amstrad DRX780 to a new DRX890-C 1TB tomorrow. I know how to open up the boxes but a little unsure on the procedure? I'm planning on using each boxes power feed and just unplugging the SATA cable and using a SATA/USB connecting each drive to my laptop, then use copy+ to upload the data from my old drive and then connecting up to my new drive and downloading. Willt his work or do I need both drives connected to the laptop at the same time?

Also do I need to format the new drive? I was planning on powering it up and activiating before then transferring data to it.

Both have the new Sky EPG on too

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