Support Tools: Post-Darwin Copy+ Alignment Fixer

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Support Tools: Post-Darwin Copy+ Alignment Fixer

Postby pcbbc » Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:29 am

Following the recent issues with Amstrad 1TB boxes, attached is a fix tool for disks greater than 1TB that were formatted with Copy+ versions or This tool needs to be run as soon as possible after the Darwin software has been downloaded to affected boxes to prevent recording overwrites.
It is designed to fix the disk alignment issues with pre-Darwin recordings so that the overwriting problem no longer occurs. However please note that this tool can not recover those parts of recordings which have already been corrupted by overwrites, although it will stop further overwriting.

Please ensure you have Microsoft .NET 4 installed on your PC.

Basic Instructions:
1. Unzip and run the attached XTVFSFixer application.
2. Select your Sky disk which requires fixing from the "Drive" drop down at the top of the window.
3. The program will perform a test to check if your disk is suitable for fixing (please be patient, it can take a few minutes).
4. If everything checks out with the test, you will be prompted to click the "Fix Me!" button. Click OK.
5. You should now see a list of recordings in the main window - ideally you should have 2 differing values in the VC2 column. One for pre-Darwin (shown red and with misaligned status), and a second different value for post-Darwin recordings (shown green and OK status). If you see different values we suggest you contact us before proceeding with the fix.
6. Click the "Fix Me!" button to repair your misaligned pre-Darwin recordings.

This tool is ONLY for disks over 1TB (disks of 1TB or less are not effected by the overwrite bug, so do not require fixing) AND where Copy+ or was used.
This tool is NOT required if you have used Copy+ to copy to an OEM 1.5TB disk (Copy+ formats 1.5TB disks correctly for boxes regardless of if they have received Darwin or not).
Due to the nature of this problem, it has not been possible to fully test this tool as thoroughly as we might like. We provide the tool in good faith in the hope that it will help salvage at least some recordings for our users, however we feel it only fair to point out that there is a possibility of issues we are currently unaware of. If you are unhappy with this we suggest you follow Sky's official advice and Full System Reset your box.
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