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Sky+ Make & Model Compatibility List

Copy+ is compatible with all makes and models of Sky+ box including the new HD (High Def) box. If you will be using your drive in the same Sky+ box (simply copying or transferring your drive to the same box, or an identical make and model) you do not need to worry about the compatibility information on this page at all.

If you are changing makes or models of Sky+ box at the same time as copying your drive, then you will need to use the look-up facility below. Boxes can be divided into two types, either big or little endian depending on the type of CPU chipset the box uses. Traditionally it was not possible to move disks, or use Copy+ to copy disks, between the two different types of box. If the disk files were created by the wrong type of box, then the Sky+ box will refuse to boot up with the incompatible drive.

However, as of release of Copy+, the software contains special code which permits drives to be converted between big and little endian box. There is no longer any restriction on using Copy+ to move drives between different boxes! However you still need to pay attention to the information on this page to decide when and if a conversion of your drives data is required.

At the end of the drive copy process, Copy+ will prompt you to ask if you are moving to a different model of box. If you select "Yes" to this prompt, you will be asked to confirm your destination box make and model and a conversion will be performed if necessary. Please make sure you select the correct option, or your copied drive will fail to boot in the destination box. Note that there is also an option to convert the source drive in-situ, without performing a full copy of the drive contents. You can use this option if you subsequently discover you selected the wrong option at the end of the copy process, or if you are just moving the drive without copying.

Compatibility Look-Up

Below are thumbnails of each box to help you identify your particular model. Hovver over any of them for further identifing information. Alternatively look at your Version Number under Services, System Setup, System Details.

V1 Pace V2 Pace V2 Amstrad Thomson Sky+ 160 Generic V3 Thomson Sky HD


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