SWAP HDD between two receivers

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SWAP HDD between two receivers

Postby bigbadger » Wed Feb 19, 2014 5:31 pm

I have two sky+ HD receivers - one with 500gb one with 1Tb. I want to swap the DRIVES over. The 1tb drive has some recordings I would like to keep and want to move it TO a DRX890R with 3d & Anytime. It will be coming FROM a DRX890R that does not have 3d & Anytime written on the front. I am assuming as same model number they are actually the same. You might ask why not swap the receivers - its all to do with my subscription as Im "offshore"

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Re: SWAP HDD between two receivers

Postby pcbbc » Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:05 pm

1. Copy+ is not compatible with Sky+HD and the Darwin EPG. For use with HD boxes, please Google for and use ExPVR. Not my software so I can not offer any advice on it.
2. If you swap disks (whether you use Copy+ or ExPVR) you must also swap viewing cards to be able to watch any pay recordings. Recordings are encrypted with the key form the unique card they were made with - no other card will be able t play them. As to if this conflicts with your "offshore" issue is for you to decide.
3. Yes, as far as I know these boxes are the same - just later boxes are branded with the new services (which have subsequently been rolled out to all boxes, but which weren't originally conceived/available when they were manufactured).
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