DRX890 Fan upgrade

Tips on changing them - what's the easiest way, how to make your fans quiet, etc?

DRX890 Fan upgrade

Postby CDPDesign » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:51 am

Hi All,

I'm new to here and trying to solve an issue with my HD Box.

I'm in the process of upgrading my drive to a 2tb drive. The installation side of it does not worry me, I've stripped the box before and I'm happy how this can be done etc..

What I am wanting to do is somehow add an extra fan to my system.

The problem I have, and I know I'm creating the problem myself, is that the cabinet that the box is fitted in does not have a lot of airflow.

What I am thinking of is adding a fan splitter cable (ebuyer item: 184672) and attaching an external fan to the back of the cabinet to get better airflow over the box to introduce cooler air to the cabinet.

My question is this- does anyone know if the HD box motherboard would allow an extra fan to be added? i.e. will there be sufficient power to the fan connector to allow this upgrade?

My other line of thought was to connect the fan through the USB port and power it that way, but a USB cable coming out of the front of the box is a bit unsightly...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....
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