Has my new 1TB drive install worked? DRX890

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Has my new 1TB drive install worked? DRX890

Postby micman2001uk » Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:51 pm


I tried to use SKY Copy+ to copy and format the new drive, however Sky Copy+ could not see the source drive. This is probably because of errors on the drive that may have been caused when the Sky HD box crashed during recordings, although the drive appears to work OK in the Sky+ HD box.

I updated the software on my DRX890 and deleted the partition on the 1TB drive, I installed the drive and did a system reset. After several minutes the Sky Box was up and running again.

How do I know if the box formatted the Hard Drive as a full 1TB?
How much has been reserved for Sky Anytime, 140GB or 500GB, there seems mixed views on this?
What Sky Software Version Supports 1TB drives?

Example of recording in planner:
Little Fockers HD - 109 Minutes says 2%

Please can someone comment on these questions and offer any advice as soon as possible.

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