SKY HD 1TB box HD failure.

Any other questions about the software?

SKY HD 1TB box HD failure.

Postby p.laver » Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:47 pm

I got hold of a nice shiney new 1TB SKY HD box a few months ago, I whipped out the HDD and then transfered over my files from my older Thomspon box using Copy+. Everything appeared to working fine with no problems. After a while I notoced that no programs were being deleted from 'Anytime' and I started to get some failed recordings and picture lock-up. I did the usual disconnected the box from the mains for a re-boot. The box still seems a litle sluggish with the RC commands, Anytime still had arond 40+ programs listed as 'Last Chance' so I swtiched off 'Anytime' which deleted all the 'Programs' from Anytime.

Everything returned to normal until last night, same thing again 'Anytime' had 40+ programs and the box wouldn't responed RC commands, after serval reboots and a number of attempts to carry-out a forced software update which didn't work and 'No satilite Signal' Being receieved displayed on screen every now and then.

I then carried out a LNB reset, after this all the programs in my Planner and Anytime disapeared, after several attemps with planner rebuilds and forced software updates which all failed, I carried out a full system re-set perhaps not the best idea, even that didn't work.

I've resigned to the fact the either HDD has failed or something else has failed inside the box..... My Sky is coming tomorrow morning to fix the problem, not sure how though.

My questions are:

Has anyone else here had simular problem after they have copied over an there old image file from there Thomspson box??? or
Had the issue where no programs will delete from Anytime????? I think the root-cause of my issue is 'Anytime' not deleting programs.

Any comments advice would be much appreciated,
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