No files after succesful copy

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No files after succesful copy

Postby derick » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:36 pm

I am trying to copy original recordings from my old sky+ box onto a new hard disk for an Amstrad DRX890. I have managed to take a successful backup of the sky+ recordings and have successfully copied them onto the disk for the HD box, changing the format to Big Endian along the way. Disk was put into the HD box and ran through the menu to re-scan the recorded programs. Once this completed, nothing is showing up in the planner. New HD box has Darwin on it. Did I do something wrong, or have missed a step.

New HD is a 2TB affair and I have successfully managed to record something onto it the first time I went through this and it failed to check that this does work OK.

Pointers or help would be much appreciated.


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