Omit not working??

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Omit not working??

Postby scottglider » Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:34 pm

Hi, hope someone can help.
I have used Copy+ in the past successfully.
However just spent whole weekend, not much sleep trying to copy from a 1TB drive to a 250GB Drive. I use the "Omit", to reduce the programmes i want to copy down to 200GB.
The copy process begins, programmes turn green. All seems fine. When i place the 250GB disk into the same Thompson box the 1TB came out of, I can still see all the programmes I selected for omission, naturally they don't play, and some I can't even delete?
I copied directly from disk to disk, I also tried copying Source disk to image file and then Image file to 250 GB with exactly the same results.
Please help I would really hate to lose stuff and my 1TB drive has become painfully slow to navigate.
Thanks in advance
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