Darwin all ready on SKY HD box how do you copy

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Darwin all ready on SKY HD box how do you copy

Postby mrskyhdbox000 » Sun Nov 13, 2011 5:47 pm


I have a Samsung sky HD box, its been playing up and I have put it down to the hard drive so have bought a brand new segate 500Gb sata drive.

Installed Copy+ and removed the original 320Gb hard disc from sky hd box and stuck it in my PC via sata on motherboard, this is where the fun begins

when I open Copy+ and select source drive (I can see / select the 320Gb sky hd drive fine) it basically throws a paddy and says "this copy of Copy+ is not compatable with the new Darwin EPG on HD boxes" that's it, nothing ells click ok in this message box and it takes me back to a blank Copy+ screen where you select the source and destination drive etc again.

However a while back I used Copy+ and saved 20Gb worth of stuff off my HD box hard disc just as I wanted to see if it was possible and its still on my PC.

So what I want to know has the box been updated to another version of Darwin that Copy+ don't work with anymore ? (as everyone says Sky HD box ALL had / has Darwin anyway so why did it work fine once allowing me the 20Gb)

I have tried ExPVR as well and +Extract , NON work and both say the same as Copy+ basically you have Darwin go away.

Any work around ????? or stick new hard disk in and dump original iffy hard disc loosing all unwatched stuff?

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