10th Oct '09

News and general announcements about +Extract 10th Oct '09

Postby neildo » Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:02 am

Its now available:

(updated to after planner parsing bug found)

Announcing the availability of the new version of +Extract, +Extract plus. Yes a silly name but haven’t been able to come with anything sensible yet… suggestions welcome.

As noted below the Transport Stream to Program Stream converter is very alpha but considering the raft of other new features (Copy+ XTV image support, Foxtel IQ disk format support) I thought it would be useful to release it now.

There’s a new auto-update feature so you’ll get notified of the next release as soon as its out (as soon as practical)

Be aware that this release will not run until you purchase a license, which is all built into +Extract. It uses Paypal as the payment processor so apologies if that service is not available to you.

So whats new?
- The ‘plus’ signifies that this version now requires you to purchase a license… don’t agree? read on…
- +Extract will now convert from Transport Stream (how it’s stored on the hard disk) to Program Stream (DVD compatible) as it extracts
- Addition of a new mini-log window so you can see what +Extract is doing at a glance
- New progress box to keep you fully informed during an extraction session
- New Options dialogue including auto-update settings
- Wrapped up in an installer package, which installs +Extract to your Program Files folder and places an icon on your desktop
- Extensive amount of reworking the code including quite a few bug fixes to problems I discovered during the last couple of months putting in the immense amount of hours into this
- Written my own mpeg2 converter from scratch using the official mpeg2 specification
- +Extract will now react to drive insertion/removal windows events, so restarting +Extract is not required
- Implemented a user suggestion of including a manifest file so that Vista users get less nags
- Added a colour changing bar which indicates the free capacity of the chosen extract location

… and quite of alot of other stuff which has faded in the mist of the last 2 months…
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