17th November '11

News and general announcements about +Extract 17th November '11

Postby Admin » Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:17 am

Ok folks, here it is.

Now be advised that the Darwin format allows multiple recordings within a single recording directory. To date the development time I’ve managed to put into this has only allowed me to default to the first recording specified in the SQL database file, for any given recording directory. This isn’t as bad as it sounds. Most recordings reside in their own directory – very few directories have multiple recordings from my experience so far.

As such, the release is published as is and without warranty. Please don’t inundate me with requests if you find missing recordings – they aren’t missing – just not being found (as yet). If you refit the hard disk into your Sat box they will be there.

I’ve also fixed an annoying bug that prevented hard disk detection when a removable media (ie SD card) slot is present, but vacant of media.

Also, the converter in +Extract is useless with HD content. Unfortunately you will need to find your own conversion solution for HD content.

Use the email me in +Extract if you need any help.
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