18th January '08

News and general announcements about +Extract 18th January '08

Postby neildo » Fri Jan 18, 2008 11:39 am

In this release:

- New feature: STR file conversion to playable MPEG2, suitable for burning to DVD etc - no more dependency on ProjectX etc.
- Removed the configuration tab, everything now available in the new menus.
- Added the ability to dump the Planner table to an XML file.

The STR file conversion is available as a batch processing tool, from the new Tools menu. For now, its a post-processing facility meaning that it will only work on STR files already extracted. A future release may allow conversion during extraction... but no promises.

If you do use this tool, please consider a small donation. I seriously considered binning this whole project a month ago. Was talked around by a good friend.
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