Support Tools: Repairing Sky BIOS Parameter Block

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Support Tools: Repairing Sky BIOS Parameter Block

Postby pcbbc » Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:18 pm

This support tool is for repairing the BIOS Parameter Block on a Sky disk.
Please make sure you know what you are doing before running this tool!

The tool does try to be sensible by checking other aspects of the disk to see if it appears to be a valid Sky disk first. However we can not be held responsible if you type an incorrect disk number and this tool mistakenly attempts to "repair" another disk on your system and you lose your data as a result.

1. Unzip the attached files to C:\CopyPlus. You will need to create the folder C:\CopyPlus if it does not already exist.
2. Start a command prompt by selecting, Start, Run, and typing "cmd.exe" (without quotes) and then OK. For Vista or Windows 7 you need an Elevated Command Prompt, see here.
3. In the command window type "CD C:\CopyPlus" (without quotes) and press ENTER
Please note that the next step assumes the Sky+ disk is mounted as disk 1 in disk management. If it is mounted as some other disk number, then replace the "1" with a "2" or whatever is shown in disk management. Please make sure you get the right number as we will be modifying the partition boot record!
4. Run the utility by typing "FIXSKYBPB 1 -f" (without quotes) and press ENTER. Remember to replace the 1 with the appropriate disk number!
5. Your disk should now spring back into life and be recognised by Copy+, and hopefully still the Sky box as well ;)

If this tool doesn't work, your Master Boot Record/Partition Table may be damaged or missing. Try using the MBR repair here first.
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